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Page history last edited by Nery Sotelo 9 years, 11 months ago

Welcome 4th Graders J 

Let’s Get t Work!

We are going to learn about science temperature and heat energy.


Let's read our objective chorally: 

OBJECTIVE:           By the end of this lesson you the student will be able to discover how heat energy affects how fast liquids will mix. Students will be able to explain how changing one variable in an experiment can can change the results. Evidence will be making and recordinginferences based on his/her observations during the activity.


Motivation: Question: What does heat energy have t do with how fast liquids will mix?


Materials needed:

Computer Access

Internet Access (Google & Youtube)

Pencil & paper (for notetaking)

Hor & cold tap water

medicine droppers

blue food coloring

white paper

three clear matching jars or glasses



Technology Standards that will be used throughout this project:

Educational Technology Standard Articulated by Grade Level: 4th Grade

ET04-S6C3-00 = Define problems and investigate solutions in systems of processes.


Arizona State Standards:  

Science Standard Articulated by Grade Level: 4th Grade

Strand 3: Inquiry Process, Concept 3: Analysis & Conclusions


Procedures: The question is asked, what does heat energy have to do with how fast liquids will mix? The teacher divides the class into teams of four. She gives the students the materials for the activity and written instructions. Each member of the team should be responsible for one part of the procedure.


1. Fill one jar with clear hot water and one with cold water. Wait two minutes for water to settle.

2. Using the medicine dropper, quickly put one drop of coloring spread out faster? Student make inferences based on observations and record on paper.



Ask a partner to empty the used jars and prepare three "mystery jars". One should have hot tap water, one warm, and one cool.  Using only the dropper test, can you tell which jar is which? Team discusses and records thoughts and findings on paper.



Watch and make notes as you watch the videos.












Now, boys and girls we are going to do a performance assessment



Students visit another class and do the activity and explain their findings. They answer questins posed by the students. They will also be evaluated n their written inferences and observations.





Thank you for your time and efforts.

We will see you soon.

Nery Sotelo



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