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Esther TIPP2

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Hello, Welcome to Ms. Mannings


1st grade Class!


Today we will be learning about




Objective :By the end of the lesson each student will be able to recall the story of Thanksgiving by creating a time line. Evidence will be a complete time line in the right sequence.



What is Thanksgiving?








DAY 1: Read About Thanksgiving!



In the following link you will find the history of












DAY 2: Watch a fun cartoon from the history of Thanksgiving!


After you have read the story watch the following video with the story.








DAY 3 & 4: Create a time line!


Choose 5 events that happened during the history of




After choosing 5 events, copy this time line in a piece of paper and arrange them in order. Start arranging them based on which happened first to last. 





 Are you finish with your time line?




DAY 5 & 6: Create a turkey!

let's create a turkey with your hand!


Follow the instructions on the video....



After you have create your fancy Thanksgiving turkey, you will list one thing you give thanks. Do this for each finger.

On the other side of the fingers, write one important thing you learn in each finger.

Day 7- 14: Create a model of Thanksgiving!


For this assignment you will create a model of one scenario that you have seen either in the story video or read in the story. You may ask your parents to help you on some steps of the process. After choosing a scenario or event,you will make a drawing of what you want the model to look. Then, you will create a model in a shoe box. You may use all types of crafting material to create the model. Make sure that the event chosen, has happened in either one of the stories above.


You are given enough time to complete this, so I am expecting something really creative and neat.


Here are some example of how I want your project to look!!




When you are done be ready to present it on class. Below there is a rubric of what I expect for your presentation.




Hold on! you are not done, During class you will present the model and you have to explain the part of the story you are presenting. Make sure you have written a paragraph in your own words to explain it.



All done?

Time to play!!

on the link below you will find some Thanksgiving Games!!



Grade 1

Strand 1 American History

Concept 3 exploration & Colonization

PO3-Describe the exchange of ideas, culture and goods between the Native Americans and the Pilgrims.


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