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Today you will be learning the steps of 



a Friendly Letter! 





Do you know what to include in a friendly letter?

Turn to your partner and name at least one thing you must have when writing a friendly letter.





 Subject/Grade Level:  2nd Grade


AZ Academic Standard & Performance Objective (PO):

Writing Strand 3: Writing Applications

Concept 3: Functional

PO 2. Write Communication, Including: a. friendly letters b. thank -you notes


Objective: I will be able to write a friendly letter by applying specific steps.     



Have you ever written a friendly letter to someone?  


I want you to think of someone who has done something special to you. THINK, did you think of someone yet,



Well, hold your thought on who you will write to, we will come back to this question later, because today

 you will learn how to write a friendly letter.  You will learn each

 step of how to start and finish a nice friendly letter. 



You will now be learning how to write a friendly letter by including the five different parts.  Here is an example of what a friendly letter should look like.





Now that you know the five steps needed to write a proper friendly letter, I want you to try this awesome game to practice the correct order of the five steps.

Let's have fun!

(try as many as you want)




Here is your next assignment, by now you should all know the five steps needed in a friendly letter.  So, check this video attached and practice the song in it (print the song lyrics). 

 We will all be creating our own video in class by Thursday (you have 3 days to practice, have fun!)



Click here to see the words of the song! -->     Parts of Letters Song.docx


                               Here is the VIDEO --->   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tkIF17aLfYY



Do you feel you need more help? Well here is a great video that will help you. 





Remember that special person? Now I want you to show me that you can write a proper friendly letter.  How do you do that? Write to this special person a thank you letter. Don't forget the five basics: Heading, Greeting, Body, Closing, and Signature.   



Once you write the letter, print it and bring it to class!







Can't wait to read your letters!



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