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Welcome To Ms. Villarreal's



Cyber Class




I am glad you are on 


 this website!!!






Arizona State Standard

Grade Level: 3rd  
Social Studies 
Strand 4: Geography 
Concept 4: Human Systems 
P.O. 4: Describe elements of culture of a community or nation (e.g. food, clothing, sports, customs, beliefs) in areas studied.


  This website will be your map on our new adventure 


in Social Studies.










The main objective of this project is to introduce you with the Country named Ghana. You will be introduced to their food, clothes, sports, customs, and beliefs. By the end of this project you will be able to fill out the worksheet given to them and demonstrate how to play the Ampe game with a success rate of 80%.  









Day 1--



Everyone, I want you to think for a moment  




Essential Question: Do you think children in Ghana are obligated to go to school? Yes or No? Why?  





 Today I will be introducing two new friends who will tell us how is a day in their life.   


My name is Aba.   And I am Abla.  

We were born in Ghana, Africa.  

We would like to tell you a little about our life.   

Before we begin our journey please take a look at our video.









Location of Ghana in a Map 


Important Facts: The name of our country is Ghana and it is located on the

continent of Africa... 


Here is a map of Africa. 






Now,your turn to find Ghana on the map.  





Remember: It is located in Western Africa.

The climate is Tropical





" One of my favorite colors is green since it is all around in our country," 


said Aba. 






Print  the worksheet (below) and fill it out daily.  





Day 2-- 






Typical Food in Ghana 

Every country has special foods that are cooked from crops, herbs, and spices grown in their country.  We as Ghanians prepare simple dishes seasoned with many different spices. Their foods vary from stews and vegetable dishes to a few special and occasional meat dishes.  

Meat signifies wealth and is a luxury food.

A popular dish that is well known within Western Africa is fufu. It consists of boiled plantains, cassava, or rice. Then it is pounded and rolled into a ball.  

One typical dessert served in Ghana is called Kelewele which is made up of fried plantains seasoned with ginger and grounded red pepper. These are just a few of the many popular dishes served in Ghana. 


The photograph on the top is an example of a Ghanaian meal.  






Nichole Huck said, "There is no Wal-Mart here where you can go and pick some cheap made in Bangladesh dress. You buy the material by the yard from a local shop. Some of it is made abroad but most of the batik style is made right here in Ghana. Then you go to a tailor or seamstress, they will take your measurements you can decide on a style and they will make the clothes to fit you. It’s nice knowing the person who makes your clothes actually gets paid a fair wage."


Want to know more about our type of clothes?

 Click on the links below.  










Adinkra clothing is :  fabric that is hand printed.  



"Now that you have watched the video we would want you to tell us in your own words what the word Adinkra means to you.

You need to use complete sentences and you have to write a minimum of three sentences.  

This will be turn in at the end of class as a ticket-out and we would like to bring it to Ghana," Aba and Abla mentioned.  


Aba and Abla taught it would be a great idea to make our own clothes here in class. 


Here are the Directions







  1. Click on this link  http://www.pbs.org/wonders/Kids/cloth/cloth.htm.
  2. Read the first two paragraphs.
  3. I will provide you with the materials.
  4. Read the TELL A STORY WITH YOUR CLOTH section.
  5. We would be making symbols in class and I have to approve them before you start to place them into your papers. 




Before going home you will be presenting your Adinkra symbols and explaining their meaning according to you.  

Be ready to present first, I will choose from the popsicle stick's jar.




Day 3-- 





The most popular game in Ghana is soccer which they like to call it football.  




First, I want everyone to think what the national anthem of the United States is. 

Next, I want you to turn to your partner and tell them if they know the name of the national anthem of the United States and tell them tell it to you. 

Finally, I want you to share with the class the name of the national anthem of the United States of America. 


Now, that we all know that our national anthem is the Star Spangle Banner. 

We are going to go to this website and listen to the national anthem from Ghana. 

Click on this link http://www.nationalanthems.info/index.html

Then, to your left side bar select the letter G. 

Look for Ghana and click on it. 

Go to English lyrics and click on it. 

Following click on the play button on the Music section.  


Football plays an extremely important role in Ghana since more students are receiving higher education. 

Boys are being provided with the opportunity to keep on with their studies and they can pay their education 

by playing football. 


 Pre-assessment Time






Click on the link above and print out the worksheet to fill in.  



1.You can do this KWL chart in groups of two or by yourself if you prefer.  

2.Write down what you know about Ghana, what you want to learn about Ghana, and when the lesson is done you will fill in what you have learned about Ghana and you will email it to me myvillar@asu.edu


After the KWL chart, you need to discussed these two questions with you partner.

You have 10 minutes. 


First read the question. 

Next, think about the answer. 

Then, exchange answers.  


     1. Can someone tell me where Ghana is located? 

     2. What games do you think children in Ghana play while they are in recesses or at home? 




Day 4-- Education 


Before being a free country Ghana only had 1 University 

Students started to attend at the age of 6 to school. They have first through sixth grade.

For middle school/junior high they attend for three years.

Education is free unless a student is enrolled in a private school 

Mandatory for the students to complete the first 9 years of elementary and junior high years.

----->No way to enforce attendance since, there are not enough teachers.  

No one is going to tell you or motivate you to attend school because of the lack of teachers. 

Importat Facts: 

This is what Ghana currently has


12,630 primary schools 

5,450 junior secondary schools

503 senior secondary schools 

21 training colleges 

18 technical institutions 

2 diploma-awarding institutions 

5 universities



Lets try to remember now :D 


(Click on the link below and print out the flag & color the flag correctly).






Day 5-- Customs


One greeting example from Ghana is the popular handshake with your right hand.


The most popular language is the Twi language.


Lets take a look at a video to learn some greetings used in Ghana  




If they see you walking with a girl (and you are a boy) people assume you are in a realtionship. 

You have to give space to the person you are with if they are the opposite sex of yours. 

Man hold hands while walking and that is how they show they are really good friends. 






The main religion practiced in Ghana is Christianity.   


Lets take a look at a video were it demonstrates one basic instrument from Ghana and the style Ghanaians dance to. 






Day 6--> Ampe History 



 Ampe had traditionally been a form of entertainment that many would enjoy at organized events & it was either an addition to a ceremony or as an event on its own.



Ampe was taken very seriously by the girls and took great pride, firstly in being good enough to take part but also for the honor of champion they would win.  




1.Physical fitness is required especially during the longer format versions of the game with the big teams of 8 aside or more. 

2. Anticipation is key to becoming Champion. 

Girls who observe and calculate each opponents bias towards throwing a particular leg forward and then being able to anticipate this momentarily, is Ampe's major skill to be mastered.  


Class it is now time to PLAY !!!   


First you need to READ the RULES carefully. 


Number of Players: more than 2 children should be in two groups.  


How To play:

One team will select to win points if feet land “straight”, that is to say a left foot versus a right foot or right versus left. 

The other team will win points if feet land “bend”, that is to say a left foot versus a left foot or right versus right.  

One girl from the first team will begin to jump and clap in synchronicity with a girl of the second team  

At the moment the 2 girls land from jumping they will decide to place either their left or right leg forward.

If a girl wins a point she moves on to the next girl of the opposing team.  

This sequence continues until all girls on one team have been beaten.   

When this happens the team that won the turn are given the right to point to a girl on the opposing team to be ejected from the game.

Once a team has ejected all players of an opposing team, they have succeeded in winning.  



Lets look how the game should be played.  


Lets PLAY  

You have 15 minutes to play enjoy!!!

Answer question number #6 on the Worksheet after you have played.  

What do you thought about the game? 

Why do you think it is more popular among girls?  

 Day 7---> Review Day 

Students do you have any questions on what we previously learned about Ghana?  

We are now going to go over the worksheet as a class.  

In most countries children need to find different ways to entertain themselves because of the poverty that exists in their country.


Think for a second of a game that doesn't involve technology but rather uses your hands, feet, muscles.


Share with your partner.


An example is : Duck-Duck-Goose 



Is to create a powerpoint presentation with the following slides:

A game from another country. ( name of the game and country) 

A map, flag of where the game is played.

I would like to see how the game is played (provide me with a youtube video). 

You need to include the instructions on how to properly play it. 

Tell me why you like or dislike the game. 

And also tell me why you think the game is popular in that country. 


Your duty is: to surf around the web and research for games played in different countries.  

And identify the location of the Country where the game is played (be ready to point on the map at class).















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Copyright 2010 Maria Villarreal 

Portions of this website are use under Fair Use guidelines. Further duplication is prohibited






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