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Social studies Standard

Seventh Grade

Strand 3: Civics/Government

Concept 4: Rights, Responsabilities, and Roles of Citizenship

PO 3: Describe the importance of citizens being actively involved in the

democratic process (i.e., voting, student government, involvement in political

decision making, analyzing issues, petitioning public officials).






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Ms. Reyna's 7th Grade Social Studies Project 










 to Ms. Reyna's Social Studies Website.  This website will guide you through the process of creating your Social Studies Project on the importance of being active citizens of the democratic process.  The project you will be creating with your assigned group, will help you better understand and describe the importance of participating and being responsible, knowing the rights, and the roles of citizens in our society.  By the end of this project, you will understand why it is important for citizens to participate and be responsible.   




Let's get Started!!!!!!!!!!!!!





Think about our society:



Imagine if our society did not have any rules citizens had to follow.  Also imagine what would happen to our

 society if citizens were not involved in the democratic process.  How would our society look like without this process??



When you look around our society, you are able to see the citizens have roles, rights, and responsabilities.  We make democratic decisions everyday and also when we participate as active citizens in the democratic process. The roles, responsabilities, and rights citizens are the ones that maintain our society together.  It is important that every citizen knows the importance of being actively involved in the democratic process because that is the way our voice is heard.




Some of the roles, rights, and responsabilities of citizens are:

  • voting
  • the right of speech
  • involvement in political decision making
  • petitioning public officials
  • serve in the arm forces
  • jury duty




What would be the consequences of citizens not actively participating in the democratic proces??????

Essential Question:What would happen if we stopped playing our roles as active citizens in the Democratic Process??????? 



  • Have you ever known someone not complying with their citizen roles in the democratic process??
  • Has it ever crossed your mind what would happen if citizens would not participate??
  • As responsible citizens what can we do when we come across a situation when someone 
does not want to comply with their roles of responsible citizens???? 
What are some of the roles, rights, responsabilities a citizen has to follow? 
Your group (approximately 3 per group) will be researching and describing the importance of citizens being actively involved in the democratic process (example: voting, student government, involvement in political decision making, analyzing issues, petitioning public officials, etc...).  As a group you will also research what could happen if citizens did not actively participate in the democratic process.  What would happen with our process and our society?? How will it affect us?? Your group will create a powerpoint presentation with a minimum of ten slides explaining to the class what would happen if citizens in the United States stopped participating in the political process.  Your group will be presenting the powerpoint to the class about your research and the importance of participating in our society, what your group thinks will happen if our citizens did not participate.  At the end of the presentation, your group will be graded based on your powerpoint presentation, and group participation.  Your peers will also grade your group's presentation.
Steps for project:
  1. The first step in this project is to get in groups of three.  (Teacher will assign groups)
  2. After you have your group selected, start researching information related to the essential question.  Your group may use sources such as internet, books, library, or any other sources that are available.
  3. The powerpoint presentation has to include three sources in which have to be cited at the end of the powerpoint.
  4. After your group has gathered the information for your presentation, start working on your project.
  5. Don't forget to address the above questions of what would be the consequences of not participating in the democratic process? What would happen? How will our society look like without a democracy?
  6. Presentation has to be a maximum of ten minutes. 
  7. Your group will be graded with a rubric in which you will find below.  Your peers will also grade your presentation and give feedback.  Base your project on the rubric below.
  8. The project will be due this Friday. 
START WORKING.....................


Grading Rubric for Powerpoint Presentation




Project Must include the following:

Points Possible



Group Participation





Points possible 20










Points possible 20


Presentation is related to essential question.


Presentation gives examples of consequences of not participating in democratic process.


Presentation mentions the importance of being actively involved in the democratic process.






Points possible 40


Power point presentation has a maximum of 10 slides.


Creativity of presentation.


Maximum of ten minutes






Points possible 20




Total Points for group






/100 points




Please complete the form below to grade your peer’s presentation:


Please rate the following:





Needs work

Eye contact with the audience




Presentation was easy to understand




Group made contact with audience




Enthusiasm of group members




 The group seem prepared and have knowledge of the presentation




All group members participated in the presentation




Creativity of presentation




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