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Welcome TEL 313 R Sanchez

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TEL 313 R. Sanchez - San Luis Campus


Innovations Mini-Teach

Activity Guide


1.  Purpose of Assignment:

•    To acquire a range of understanding about a variety of innovative technologies

•    To collaboratively learn “inside-and-out” one innovative technology and its possible classroom applications

•    To practice designing and delivering instruction that integrates technology, using the Lesson Plan Matrix.

•    To collect usable resources for future class assignments and possible use as a teacher (via the class wiki) 


2.  TAP Indicator: This project builds upon your working knowledge of the following Activities and Materials indicators:

  • §  Provide opportunities for student to student interaction
  • §  Incorporate multimedia and technology
  • §  Incorporate resources beyond the school curriculum texts


3.  Ensure you refer to Appendix B on page 30 of the syllabus for more detail information on the Innovation.


4.  Review prior students wiki examples at:  http://innovations08.pbwiki.com/FrontPage


5.  Fall 2010 Presentations 

Names                    Presentation                 Date

Ana and Esther             Skype                         9/15/10     Skype- Ana -Esther fall 2010

Yubania and Sandra      Teacher Tube             9/15/10     YUBANIA AND SANDRA FALL 2010

Marione and Esme         IDEAL                        9/22/10     Marione's and Esme's Wiki Fa2010

Maria and Martha          Grade Keeper            9/29/10     Gradekeeper :)             

Nery and Karla              Inspiration                 9/29/10     Karla and Nery Kidspiration 0929Wiki2010

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